The Patented Sunglasses that can clean themselves

Imagine that when your sunglasses get dirty, the sunglasses can clean themselves so they won’t obstruct your view. All it need is few quick flicks to clean the lens.

Instantly clears away rain, dirt, mud or smudges

Even the most expensive sunglasses cannot prevent rain, dirt or smudge from obstructing the view, but self cleaning sunglasses can.  Just slide the lens up and down to become clean and clear once again!  Whether you are on the trail, on the slope, on the water or just on your way to the store, self cleaning sunglasses ensure you always see clearly.

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How it works?

The self cleaning sunglasses have built-in microfiber cleaning pads hidden at the top of the frame, so as you push the lens up and down, they completely clean the front and back at the same time.

The built-in cleaning pads inside the frames are carefully calibrated to work in the best possible way to clean the lens by using high end quality microfiber material which can effectively remove dust particle, water drop and oil.  It can imitate the same strength and softness as using hands to wipe lens with cleaning cloth.

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  • With self-clean feature, there is no hassle to take off sunglasses and pull out cleaning cloth to wipe lens clean. Just flick the lens up and down to clean and clear! The sunglasses comes primarily with a polarized gray lens for high clarity.
  • The main lens is polarized with advanced coating technology. Unlike ordinary lenses, The Sacuba sunglasses lenses can effectively increase contrast and improve the visibility of objects around. All lenses come with 100% UVA & UVB protection.
  • Combined with Interlocking technology for quick and easy lens changing, you can choose the full package deal which include 4 interchangeable lenses in  polarized gray, brown, yellow, clear and a head strap. So you can adapt to different light condition by changing to the lens color you prefer.
  • WRAPAROUND FRAME -made from ultra flexible and durable material known as TR90 grilamid to support this self cleaning feature. The wraparound frame shape and anti-slip tips allow anyone to wear them with the most comfortable grip.

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Sacuba sunglasses comes with one year of warranty to give you peace of mind.